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When it comes to securing your peace of mind, Tigers security services ltd , has it covered. We can deliver quality security guards solutions and services with a personal touch and the most professional standards. We provide the best of both worlds. That’s because we deliver personal attention along with the backing of uk's fastest growing privately-owned security services company. Our experience and understanding of our industry and our commitment to creating strong, lasting relationships with clients of all kinds means we deliver completely integrated security services solutions and keep the businesses we work with informed and involved throughout the process. When you work with Tigers security services ltd , you get a scalable service that can grow or change to suit your business’s needs. You get access to a security company whose staff are highly experienced, expertly trained and able to deliver an outstanding level of customer service. You get world-class security techniques and technology to ensure your business is protected against all the latest threats. Tigers security services ltd committed to supporting a thriving, safer community and giving you and your business peace of mind.


                                                                                       Adequate security of your workplace is essential, but so many businesses fail to prepare their premises against the worst until it’s too late. Don’t let yourself, or your company, fall into this trap. At Tigers Security Services Ltd we offer a wide range of security devices, tools, and measures to keep you and your belongings safe at amazing prices. Based in Kettering, we offer full setup, installation and support – there's no job too big or too small for our dedicated team. Call us today on +447429673300 so we can discuss your needs and create a security plan that's exactly right for you.

                                                    OUR SERVICES 


                                 Tigers Security Services Ltd employs only the best human resources available in Market. Our Security Personnel is professionally trained, highly experienced, uniformed,and licensed. Our management team will assess your Project or Event’s requirements and will carefully choose an appropriate Security Staff considering each guard’s knowledge and training level.











                                                     Tigers Security Services Ltd front-of-house and customer service staff are immaculately presented and provide a friendly and welcoming environment.Understanding the role and identifying the right type of person for this is paramount when recruiting, after all these employees will be brand ambassadors of our clients. To ensure this, our dedicated HR team provide them with the necessary security training.











                                        Crowd control officers, event personnel, emergency management, traffic and parking management, ticket and turnstile operators, along with event planning and consultancy.










CONSTRUCTION SECURITY                                         

                                                              One thing that is very important for construction sites is security. From duty hours to non-duty hours, whether it’s dark or the sun is shining, security is very important. Pricey tools, heavy machinery, materials for construction and other related equipment are very prone to burglary or vandalism and you need construction site security services that you can trust in terms of your property at all times.Tigers Security Services Ltd protection provides security services for construction sites at rates that are very competitive for anyone.















                                                                    Tigers Security Services Ltd guarantee the highest level of service. A. We have a strong commitment to ongoing team training to ensure you are being looked after by qualified and experienced Tigers Security Services Ltd personnel at all times.

We work hand-in-hand with centre management and retailers to accommodate centre-specific policies. With every contract, we appoint a team manager to work closely with our client to develop a unique security solution.












                                          Random mobile patrols provide a security presence at a fraction of the cost of a full-time guard. A nightly lockup and/or unlock service for all business sizes, ensures alarms are set and your premises are secure. We provide a lock up service, securing property and assets, ensure appliances and equipment are turned off and electronic security systems are activated and operational.

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